In recognition of Saturday’s International Homeless Animals Day, @thefluffia would like to salute all our amazing #animalshelters in helping those poor angels without homes to find their forever families.

Be the change you want to see in the world by fulfilling one or more of these easy ways to support your local animal shelter…

1. Foster: If you can’t adopt, consider fostering. As a foster pet parent, you can offer a warm, loving home for a fuzz babe while the shelter looks for their forever home. Fostering frees you from the long-term commitment of #adopting, whilst giving you companionship and the reward of making a massive difference in a fur baby’s life.

2. Donate: Find out what supplies your local shelter uses and requires. Cleaning products, pet food, blankets and towels go a long way in any shelter. When making monetary donations, ensure the funds are sent directly to your local shelter.

3. Fundraise:  Organising a #fundraising event can help contribute immensely towards funds and supplies for abandoned pets in your #community. Partner with a #local business or ask your friends and family members to rather donate to the shelter instead of giving you gifts for various personal events.

4. Take pictures: Volunteer to take photos of the homeless babies residing at the shelter so that its staff and affiliates can share online and increase the chances of finding the baby their #foreverhome.

5. Make toys: There are many DIY varieties that will only take a few minutes of your time to make from old or inexpensive and easily accessible resources. For instance, cut old t-shirts into strips of roughly 3centimeters wide by 51centimeters long.  Lay the strips together in two sections of ten. Twist the sections together and make a large knot at both ends. Make sure the knot is secure.

6. Volunteer: You have the power to make the shelter a much less intimidating place for homeless fur babies by offering your time to take dogs for walks or playing with cats. You can also volunteer to provide a certain service that the shelter requires such as painting, repairing or plumbing, to name a few.

7. Spay and Neuter: The struggle of pet overpopulation is real. By #spay and #neutering your own and/or stray pets, you are doing your part in keeping abandoned animals out of shelters that are already overflowing.

Author: Taliah Williamson

Origin: Infurmation